Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Raleigh Chopper MK1 rebuild # 4

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sturmey-Archer Service

The 3 speed rear hub on a Raleigh Chopper is a Sturmey-Archer. The one on my newly acquired chopper was very stiff so download worksheet and have a go.

The 3 gear Sturmey-Archer with 70-11 date stamp.

Remove both lock nuts
Remove the round spring retaining wire

Remove top spacer
then remove the sprocket.
Now remove the second thinner spacer.
After removing the chrome chain  guard lift the back dust cover.
remove cup lock washer
Remove the top outer cone.
The Spring clutch is visible.

Clutch spring removed.

Lift out the Sprocket drive.
Inside is full of  hard muck, not sure what.
Now dismantle the Sprocket drive to check the bearings.
Bearings are OK just very dirty 
Plus the race had dried crud on.
Now tap the outer edge clockwise to remove the ?????

Now the main internals are in view.
Lift out the outer planetary gear and slip up the slotted cup.
Now you can remove the centre pin.
Pin out,
With the pin removed this ???? star can slide off.
The main inner planetary gear can now be lifted out.
At the base I found a broken spring this is used to engage the drive.
This is the other  (good) spring
The spring pushes this tooth into the drive slots.
All the bits for cleaning.

All nice and clean with new springs.
Sprocket back on.
Tighten up both side lock nuts.